Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission

Known as "Mukti", this home was founded in 1889 in India, where it is known as Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, after its founder Pandita Ramabai and the Marathi word ‘mukti’ which means freedom, liberation and salvation.

Mukti takes action to bring hope, and a positive future, to girls and women in India. The aim is to change lives through a range of initiatives that demonstrate, in a practical way, the love of God to individuals throughout the country.

Primarily, Mukti provides secure homes for destitute women and children. Here, they find love, care and acceptance regardless of their backgrounds. And for some, the first home they have ever had in their lives.

Mukti also supports the communities with other essential services:

As of July 1, 2011, Ramabai Mukti Mission (Canada), who has been in existence since 1960, has entrusted the work they have been doing to us, which means that we will become Mukti India’s partner in Canada. (Click here for brief history timeline)

Under GAiN, Mukti Canada will have an opportunity to reach a much wider audience, grow its donor base and sponsors, and ensure that the promotion of Mukti’s work will continue across Canada in the years to come.

Since caring for the needs of widows and orphans is a very key component to the DNA of us, we are excited to come alongside Mukti India and support their mission. To show our support, we have send LIFE Teams to Mukti to help with various work projects, play with the children and help them with their homework, meet with the older women, and many other things.

We also help support women and children that live at Mukti.

Will you help us ensure that these individuals are taken care of?