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Global Aid Network (GAiN) offers an internship program to integrate career experiences into your post-secondary education. In a professional setting, an internship will give knowledge and skills related to your career goals by participating in strategic, supervised work.

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Our positions give students hands-on experience while making valuable connections. Internships are full time, for a 4-12 month term beginning May, September or January depending on the position.

Some of the internship opportunities include:



Compelled by love, rooted in faith, and driven by an unshakeable belief in human dignity, GAiN partners with vulnerable communities to bring about lasting whole-person transformation resulting in vibrant, flourishing, hope-filled communities for generations.

Our program helps you engage in this wholistic transformation in a meaningful way.

A GAIN Internship is:

  • Relevant and purposeful hands on work experience
  • Guidance from GAiN professionals who are leaders in the field
  • Networking and making connections
  • Experiencing one international work trip (applies only to 12 month internships)
  • Having fun

Why Intern?
Most employers and graduate schools are looking for students with internship experience. Internships will give you a competitive advantage in the job market. Interning will provide the entry-level skills, training, and relationships necessary to better prepare you for your career path.

Benefits of Interning

  • Gain valuable work experience: Acquire effective hands on experience. 
  • Competitive advantage in the job market: Provides you with the experience and skills to become more marketable upon entering the workforce. 
  • Job opportunities: Internships are the number one way employers find new staff. Internships are often an extended interview for a full-time position. 
  • Networking: Offers you the opportunity to establish a professional network. 
  • Career exploration: Offers you the chance to explore career options and decide if it is the right career for you. 
  • Apply classroom knowledge: Gives you the chance to enrich your college curriculum and earn academic course credit. 
  • Gain confidence: Getting experience is a great way to build your confidence and build your resume.

General Skills and Abilities Required

  • To demonstrate a passionate, mature and disciplined Christian life. A passion for humanitarian aid seeking to demonstrate the love of God in Word and Deed
  • Self motivated, ability for independent work
  • Effective communication skills as well as exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving abilities
  • Able to work from a Google Suite platform

This position requires Ministry Partner Development. The successful candidate will have the privilege to build a partnership team which provides financial and prayer support for the ministry. The financial support will cover the costs of the candidate’s salary and ministry expenses. GAiN believes that Ministry Partner Development is biblical and God will provide everything necessary to fulfill the calling into ministry: finances, emotional strength and perseverance. Building a ministry partnership team is an integral part of being in ministry. There are many opportunities to bless and encourage the partnership team. Power to Change is committed to providing training and coaching that ensures success in Ministry Partner Development.

How to Get Started?
Get in contact with us visiting https://p2c.com/opportunities/#servewithgain


William Hochachka

“If I had to describe my internship with GAiN in two words, it would be a humbling adventure. It was eye-opening seeing the need for clean water in these rural communities first hand and incredible being a part of a sustainable solution. God continued to show me that no matter how different the culture is, He is the same and is the true Living Water people need. I was able to serve the Lord in ministry while gaining engineering experience.”

Natalie Gulasekharam

“GAiN was such a wonderful place to intern. Not only is there a great team of passionate people who are so supportive, but it’s so exciting to see how God is bringing wholistic change to people’s lives through the ministry. It was a great learning experience and helped me to discern what I wanted to do in life.”

Joel Bond

“Interning at GAiN was a great experience. It allowed me to put into practice the theoretical knowledge I learned at university, in a way that was helpful to people. I look back fondly on how God led me to intern with GAiN and am so thankful for the incredible people I’ve met and the wonderful experiences I’ve had. I can say without a doubt that interning with GAiN has changed my life and has helped me to become the person I am today.”


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