February 11

The LIFE Team’s day was spent in a village where they provided their unskilled labour to the construction team of three that was building a new church. The church was planted in 2018 after a GAiN well was drilled in that same year, and has grown to 25 adults and 35 children. They have outgrown their current 15 x 20 ft building.

Someone has not read the safety rules!

The new church is 25 x 50 ft. The cement pillars that will support the roof were poured on Tuesday. The team’s task for the day was to help construct rafters and if they had time, the roof of metal sheets. All the work is being done with hand tools, no power tools. The framing material is teak poles, no milled lumber. The floor will be sand and the walls will be make by the church members from the branches of palm trees. This simple structure costs about $2800 and has been sponsored by a Canadian donor.

John working hard.

Take a look at this shot of one of the workers. What do you notice? Bare feet and look at the tool he’s using.  

The women on the LIFE Team were invited to visit in the homes of two of the church members. One of the ladies operated a small village shop out of her home. Both provided warm hospitality. This is by far the most developed village we have visited.

The team’s role was very much of “carpenter’s helpers”. They helped cut and carry poles and did a lot of observing. Maybe that was a good thing because it was 32 degrees with no wind. It was amazing to see how very creative the workers are with the material they have! The goal of getting all the framing completed for the roof was not accomplished. With one more day of work the roof will be complete. Then the church members will finish the walls and sand floor.

Mike was breaking some rules by being up here!

Monique helped a woman collect fire wood. The team trusted this new building will create space for growth for this local church.

What a satisfying experience to help and also observe the life of this community around the LIFE Team. What a great team!

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