February 10

It was GAiN t-shirt day. The arrival gift from GAiN Canada was a t-shirt and a hat. We looked so clean, but that didn’t last long!

The team’s morning departure was delayed because of mechanical problems with one of the cars. Once that was addressed, they headed out to observe a training session organized to equip church members in the area where they were last night. They are called Action Groups and are made up of volunteers who will provide encouragement and help to the men and women who indicated a desire to follow Jesus. Mike and Rob are very familiar with the content of the training because it is similar to resources they used with students when they served on campuses in Canada. It is so interesting to see how small children accompany their mothers and seem to be content.

Lunch was a road side experience. The LIFE Team parked beside a village church. When participants asked about the church, it was clear there was no connection but we were assured it was okay to stop and use the benches for their lunch.

The women decided to do some exploring. They said it was to check out the vegetation in the area, which may have been code for finding an appropriate spot for a bathroom break.

The next stop was the home of a pastor who helps coordinate the activity and training in this area. GAiN is doing a pilot project to help support village pastors through a “chicken project” for economic development. A Canadian chicken farmer is providing the resources for this pilot in three locations. In a short time, 100 chickens will arrive at their new home. Here is a shot of the new chicken coup and the pastor with his family.

After dinner and the team debrief from the day, the word ice cream was heard! Within minutes, a GAiN staff member volunteered to take the team to a local ice cream shop. Looks good doesn’t it? What a great way to end the day.

Rob, Annette, Richard, Monique, Lyndon and Micah

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