February 13

The LIFE Team had a bit of surprise this morning. The schedule had the team attending a church service with Mike preaching but no location. The surprise was that the service was at the church they helped build on Friday! On Friday, the team had commented, “Wouldn’t it be fun to join them for the first service in the new building?” But they thought they were scheduled elsewhere and did not know if the work would continue on Saturday.

Mike with Alphonse, our GAiN Benin host who translated for us.

What a treat to be in this community again for this special day of enjoying the start of a new chapter and celebrating God’s provision of a new meeting place.

Choir getting ready to celebrate.

This all started with a well, then a church plant and now a new building to serve the community. It is clear they have out grown their 15×20 ft church building!

This chapter is closing for the LIFE Team, and their trip home starts tonight. It is amazing how they come in as strangers and end up so close after just ten days together. The intensity of the experience pressed all of the team toward a significance level of transparency. Their experience has been filled with lots of common events, but each person is taking home a unique perspective based on their own personal engagement with this trip. One person commented, “My heart has changed.”

Our team… from strangers to teammates to friends in team days!

They were so incredibly thankful to God and everyone that helped support this trip to make it possible!

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