“We, the pastors of this district, are well aware of what you are doing to expand the Kingdom of God here,” Pastor Dako A. Turay told the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS) team. “We have worked together before and the work is actually flourishing. I praise God for that. We have nothing to give to you in return for what you are doing, but I believe your labour in the Lord will not be in vain. Keep up your good work and you will be surely blessed in Jesus’ name,” he added. Pastor Turay chose six people from his church, Jesus is Lord Ministry Kabala Town, to form an Action Group and go through a 4-day training.

John Kamara, a trainee said, “This training has increased my desire to be more involved in the things of God. What I learned from it is more than anything in my life. It exposed me to the basics of Christianity. I will make use of what I have learned. Thank you very much.”

Another grateful trainee, Alimamy Turay, commented, “I want to thank God for this wonderful Action Group training because before this, I had no idea how to talk to people about Jesus. But now I can say that I am well-equipped to evangelize because of this valuable training. I am blessedbecause it has helped me to grow in my Christian faith.”

This Action Group went to Bilimia 2 to do an outreach with the goal of planting a church. They showed the JESUS film for two nights. About 80 people prayed to receive Christ and 17 adults committed to follow-up meetings. They now form the core of a church plant.

In another part of Kabala Town, Pastor Tambay Y. Koroma of New Apostolic Church received the JFCPS team enthusiastically. “This new church planting strategy is really impacting church growth in this district. I want to say that we are always in a position to work with you as long as it is being implemented here. I pray that we will take this entire district for the Lord Jesus through this strategy,” said Pastor Koroma.

Together with the JFCPS team, Pastor Koroma identified Kasumpay Village as a new church plant location. After being trained on church planting, an Action Group, composed of six people from his church, went to Kasumpay to evangelize with the tools they just learned to use.

“What I am happy about in this training is the simplicity of the various methods of evangelism especially the Road to Life booklet. Even those who are uneducated can understand it well,” according to James Kamara.

Nine church plants were started in recent months in the villages of Kompala, Yafradon, Kaponpon, Kasoris, Kanid, and Pebu, in addition to Kasumpay and Bilimia 2.

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