Our team travelled to the first well we drilled in the Lindi region, which was in the village of Malungo. This remote village, which was three hours from the main town up in the plateaus, is an area that is in desperate need of water. 

We were was amazed at the transformational impact the well in Malungo had made. When we arrived unannounced, it was so rewarding to see a lineup of buckets waiting to get clean water that was coming out of the pump. The village chairman said the well is supplying water for three villages with over 8,000 liters pumped every day of the year for the past four years. The village has progressed incredibly since the well was installed. All the water-borne diseases that they used to suffer from were all gone and as a result, people had health and energy to develop their village. 

Check out these two videos that illustrate the sustainability we saw in Malungo.



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