Meet Miriam Segovia, a manicurist and merchant in Paraguay. For a year she has been taking out loans with Diaconia and using them to buy materials and products for her business. She is also part of a Trust Group, led by her chaplain, Miguela, where she receives encouragement and support through the ups and downs of life.

After being with Diaconia for only a few months, Miriam was confronted with an alarming setback. She started to feel immense pain in her heel. 

“I asked my daughter to check it . . . we were surprised to discover that I had a glass stuck in my foot,” Miriam said.

They went to the hospital but the situation quickly took a turn for the worse. The infection spread and her foot refused to heal, forcing Miriam to stay in the hospital for over a month. One day, she thought of her chaplain Miguela and decided to reach out to her. Miguela came right away to visit along with a group of other chaplains who took time to pray for Miriam.

When I was discharged, the doctors forbade me to walk to prevent the wound getting worse,” Miriam said. “So the chaplains filled out an application and I received a wheelchair from Diaconia to be able to move around.”

When Miguela’s church heard about Miriam’s condition, they began to pray for her and the pastor paid her a visit. Sometime later, and to many people’s astonishment, the wound began to miraculously heal! The doctors were shocked because the only solution had been to amputate her foot. After eight months, Miriam was able to wear shoes again.

Miriam’s healing has brought immense joy to her life! This joy has not only rippled out and touched the lives of her family, but has given her a beautiful story to share with everyone she meets. Her experience serves as a profound reminder of the deep need we have for our communities to surround us and support us in our moment of weakness.

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