Country Stats

  • Known For:

    Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world

  • Main Export:

    Oil, Minerals, Cotton

  • Main Religions:


  • Language:


  • Population:


Project Details

The Needs

Needs we are addressing:
There are 6.2 million internally displaced people in Syria, and 13.1 million people in need of humanitarian assistance (acaps).

Where we are working

Regions we work in:
Damascus, Sweida

Bags of Blessings – Damascus

  • Disaster Relief and Preparedness Projects

What We Are Up To


We work with families who are internally displaced (IDP’s), and provide them bags of Blessing. One bag of Blessing containers food and non-food items to provide for a family of five for one month. 1000 bags are distributed per month.

GAiN is evaluating future opportunities in Syria, as the country looks to rebuild after the destruction and devastation of the war.

Stories of Impact

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For $119, you can provide a family of five with essentials for one month.