Country Stats

  • Known For:

    Historical landmarks

  • Main Export:

    Vehicles, machinery, gems and precious metals

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  • Language:


  • Population:


Project Details

The Needs

Approximately 15.7 million people in Turkey and Syria have been affected by the massive earthquake that struck on February 6, 2023. Not only are communities in desperate need of shelter, but also essential items like food, water, hygiene kits and medical supplies.

Where we are working

Antakya, Gaziantep

What We Are Up To


Since the earthquake hit in February 2023, GAiN has collaborated with local partners on the ground to provide humanitarian aid, including tiny homes, medical and hygiene supplies, food and blankets, to survivors in Turkey and Syria. With each distribution of practical goods, we also share the gospel with those we encounter and strive to infuse the light and love of Christ into their desperate situation.

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