Country Stats

  • Known For:

    Its desert landscape and flavourful cuisine

  • Main Export:

    Agriculture, Phosphates, Clothing

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Project Details

The Needs

Needs we are addressing:
In addition to killing roughly 3,000 people and injuring another 5,000, many buildings, roads and houses in Morocco were destroyed in the earthquake in September 2023. The high degree of damage has left thousands of people homeless. As a result, GAiN is currently prioritizing the provision of shelter as well as the distribution of essential items, like food and clothing.

Where we are working

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What We Are Up To


Since the earthquake hit on September 8, 2023, GAiN has focused primarily on meeting people’s need for shelter and warmth. We are currently providing transitional shelters, latrines, tents, emergency tarps and packages of necessities like food and clothing to those who have been displaced. As we distribute practical goods, we strive to infuse the light and love of Christ into people’s desperate situation.

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