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Water Gives Lift to Chilaile’s Local Economy

Brick making is a significant source of income for the people in Southern Tanzania as the soil is strong.

The process of making bricks involves creating a pit of mud, packing the wet soil into forms to make rectangular shapes and then baking them over a fire.

However, the challenging thing about this task is that is requires a lot of water, which is difficult for most villages to collect.

Chilaile is no exception.

Water is scarce and almost non-existent in the dry season.

But now that GAiN has provided a deep-capped water well, the village has been transformed. 

The water point is surrounded by bricks laying out to dry.

The village is planning on using them to build a new school building.

Not only has the well improved the local economy, it has made significant impact on the health of the village.

Villagers used to suffer from a lot of waterborne diseases such as dysentery and cholera. Today, they are drinking clean and safe water.


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