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Proud of Their Water

In Benin, when visitors come to your village, you welcome them by offering a drink of water. The village of Wession Camp Peulh in Northern Benin had a problem with this custom. The only water they had available was dirty and unsafe to drink. They would collect it from holes that they dug in the ground, out in the bushes, and scoop it out into buckets to carry back to their village. It would cause sickness and disease for the community, but it was their only water source so they had no other option but to drink it. But when visitors came through, they were ashamed to offer their dirty water to guests.

Since Global Aid Network (GAiN) Canada was able to drill a deep-capped water well in April 2018, the people of Wession Camp Peulh gained access to clean, safe water. The well is properly sealed with a hand pump that protects from contamination and allows for easy collection and distribution of the water.

The women in this village are now proud to offer this new water to their guests. It is not only bringing health and economic stability to the community, it is also allowing them to flourish in their culture and customs.

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