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Maria’s story

Maria lives in one of the poorer communities of Asuncion, Paraguay.

When our partner, Diaconia, arrived at her house, she warmly invited them in and started to share about her work.

"I heard about Diaconia in a time where I was desperately looking to grow my decorating business. When I started with Diaconia a year ago all I did was curtain decorating. Since I received a loan and training from Diaconia, I have been able to add new products that I now provide as a decorator. This allowed me to grow my business and make a better income for my family. One of the biggest miracles though in this past year is the change that has happened in my sons life," shares Maria with tears in her eyes.

"The chaplain that visits our Trust Group and shares about God's love with us started visiting my home and together we would pray for my son. After a couple months, we started to see a miraculous turnaround and he has left drugs and now has a stable job. I am thankful to Diaconia because I have been able to grow my business, but most importantly I am thankful for the spiritual support that has brought change to our family life," shares Maria. 

Maria proudly showed us some of her work she has done.

She expressed that decorating for parties is not only a job for her but she finds joy in her work. 


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