Olexandr Petrovich Bunin is 68 years old and lives in the city of Chasiv Yar, Ukraine. Before he retired, he worked at the local factory as an engineer.

When the Russian invasion began and most of the men left town, Olexandr went to work for the utility company again. Because of his organizational skills and experience working with people, he was appointed as head of the “Point of Indestructibility.” This is a place where the residents of the town can receive humanitarian aid, charge their phones, warm up during winter, eat free food and use the Internet to contact their relatives.

The point was shelled several times, but Olexandr continued to work and organize the distribution of water and food. He kept a small supply of bottled water for emergencies and taught the locals how to use the water filters from GAiN. His wife, Svetlana, stood in the place of medical workers and even learned how to give blood pressure shots to old people. 

The couple has children and grandchildren abroad, but chose to stay in the city to help. Only until very recently did they decide to leave the city and visit them.

Olexandr and Svetlana have modelled sacrificial, servant hearted love. Despite separation from their loved ones, they made the hard decision to stay where they were to help their neighbours. We are so grateful that they could distribute some of the aid provided by GAiN. Their humble service has not only blessed many with the basics to survive, but has helped keep families connected to each other during an incredibly difficult and isolating time. 

Will you help us provide life-saving aid to refugees and displaced people in Ukraine?

Yes, I want to help!

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