Today, the Togolese village called Kpategan is fortunate enough to have a medical clinic in their village, as well as a deep-capped water well drilled directly in front of the clinic.

But…this wasn’t always the case.

If a woman came to deliver a baby in the night, the local midwife and staff would go to the houses around the clinic to see if anyone had some water for them to use. Before the well was provided, there was no source of clean water in the area and since the people fetched their water from a dirty swamp, the clinic had no choice but to use the dirty water. 

It’s hard to conceive that a clinic would treat people with parasite-ridden water! Instead of getting healthy, people would actually get sick with stomach ailments while at the clinic.

The well was a major relief and a huge blessing to the staff at the clinic. Both the clinic supervisor and the midwife were so delighted to have a water well in close proximity.

Each month, 150 villagers (from seven nearby villages) used to come and get treatment and care. But, as a result of the well, the staff noticed a big decrease in the number of visits to the clinic; especially since villagers no longer suffered from parasites and diarrhea.

It was especially noticeable that the number of young children with diarrhea had almost been eliminated by the provision of clean water.

One water well has had a major impact on the health of a Kpategan!



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