Celebrate women who are empowering the next generation

Through this story, we celebrate Jayshri, an empowered woman who is empowering others to dream of a better future.

Jayshri (right) at the Corner Cafe

Dream [dreem]
To contemplate the possibility of doing something or that something might be the case.

After losing both of their parents, Jayshri and her sister were brought to Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission for care and shelter. At eight years old, Mukti became their new home.

In India, the stigma of being an orphan persists. But girls who grow up in Mukti Mission get to experience a loving family environment where they are encouraged to have vision and ambition to become a light in society.

Now in her mid-twenties, Jayshri runs her own business. Through Mukti’s micro-loan program, she was given the opportunity to run a café, which she called the Corner Café. Located in a shopping complex near a railway station, the cafe attracts a variety of people who come by for Indian snacks, burgers and soft drinks.

“While serving in upscale hotels and restaurants, I always dreamt of having my own cafe and by the grace of God, I am not only blessed with one but reaping its profits too!” Jayshri exclaimed.

When she gets asked if she is the owner of the café, Jayshri uses the question as an opportunity to share her story, spreading hope and encouraging others to dream. Instead of feeling ashamed of her past, she proudly tells people that she is a Mukti child.

The cafe is now in its third year and business continues to pick up. As profits increase each month, she is able to invest in her business and continue to pay Mukti back.

The success of Jayshri’s café is also encouraging other girls to dream. While she currently employs two girls at Corner Café, two of her former associates, Meera and Ujjwala, were so inspired that they started to run a café called Manu’s Café on a college campus.

Jayshri continues to aspire to grow her business. By working hard, living out her dream and encouraging others to do the same, she is empowering others to dream.

The cycle of empowerment continues.

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