Our experience with drilling water wells in Benin, southern Sudan and Tanzania opened doors in another African country where the need for disease-free water is just as urgent.

As as result, in December 2009, we sent the first drilling rig to Togo.

As is the case in all countries where we have water well drilling projects, once clean water is provided, the people are able to regain their health. Better health results in more productive time in the fields. The increased water supply also provides water for drip irrigation, resulting in increased field production yields. The surplus crop can be sold to local markets providing much needed income to the village, eventually leading to financial independence.

The cycle of sickness, suffering and death that contaminated drinking water has caused for generations will be broken!

Women and children will no longer be required to spend hours each day searching for and carrying water over extremely long distances. UN studies have found that the closer girls live to a water source, the more often they attend school.

Will you partner with us to demonstrate God’s love to those suffering in Togo?