Country Stats

  • Known For:


  • Main Export:

    Cotton, coffee, cocoa

  • Main Religion:

    Traditional Animists, Christianity, Islam

  • Language:

    Yoruba, Ewe, Kabiye

  • Population:


Project Details

The Needs

Needs we are addressing:
Access to safe water
Hygiene and sanitation
Maternal, newborn and child health
Gender inequality
Spiritual brokenness

Where we are working

Regions we work in:
Centrale, Kara, Maritime, Plateaux

What We Are Up To


We are providing villages in Togo with access to clean water and the education needed to strengthen their physical and relational health as a community. Every time our team provides a deep-capped water well, we also implement our JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy so that villagers have the chance to hear the gospel and get connected into a local church. Our goal is to see communities in Togo step into physical, spiritual and relational wholeness.

Stories of Impact

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