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    Cotton, Sugarcane, Soy

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Project Details

The Needs

Needs we are addressing:

26.4% of the population in Paraguay lives below the national poverty line (work bank). Families need access to opportunities (micro-loans and vocational training) to break the cycle of poverty, and be able to provide for their families.

Where we are working

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What We Are Up To


A microfinance organization whose mission is to promote the holistic development of individuals using Biblical principles and Christian values. Diaconia currently partners with approximately 3000 families, providing microloans and helping to break the chains of poverty. The goal is to open a new office with the potential to reach 1500 more families in 2019.

Jesus Responde
An organization working with approximately 400 community centers around Paraguay. These community centers meet holistic needs of children and families through educational training, a nutritious meal, sports training, and Biblical discipleship. GAiN partners with the training of volunteers, as well as sending one container of Gleaner’s soup mix per year to become part of the nutritious meal. One container has over 1 million soup servings, and is used weekly as part of a nutritious meal.

Stories of Impact

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For $390, you can help break the cycle of poverty by empowering a woman in Paraguay with a micro-loan.