A summary of our Economic Empowerment fundraisers in Alberta and BC

Guest speaker Adela Braun sharing about Diaconia

Over the past month, our GAiN team hosted several fundraising events showcasing our Economic Empowerment strategy in both Alberta and BC. Our guest speaker, Adela Braun, came from Paraguay to share at these events and give first-hand insight to the transformative work that is going on in Paraguay through our partner, Diaconia. 

Our dessert fundraiser in North Vancouver, BC

Adela and our team presented on the mission of GAiN’s Economic Empowerment in several unique settings, including a charcuterie evening, craft evening, breakfast and dessert fundraiser, and a yacht cruise. The people that attended each event were full of warmth and curiosity and asked many insightful questions. 

Every event included an overview of who GAiN is and our mission, an interactive activity to help people better understand the concept of microfinance, an interview with Adela to hear a few stories as well as time for a local guest speaker to share about their experience as an entrepreneur.

One of the attendees shared, “The activity (game with the boards) at the beginning was really good. Most understand microlending but the game made it more visual and the perfect relaxed way to start the night.

Breakfast at the National Resource Centre in Abbotsford, BC

Monique Lieuwen, Program Manager of GAiN’s Water for Life Initiative and one of the coordinators of the events commented, “The events were so encouraging and incredible to be a part of! It was exciting to have new audiences come and hear about the ministry.” 

Our team is full of anticipation for the direction that God is leading GAiN. We are hopeful that through the awareness and support raised by these fundraisers, the mission to empower women living in generational poverty will continue to expand and grow.

Games Night in Calgary, AB


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