Will the legacy you leave reflect the life you lived?

You may have many causes to which you donate throughout your lifetime to help charities, such as Global Aid Network, with funding their mission and you desire to continue to support them in the future. This is where Planned and Legacy Giving comes in.

Strategic and detailed Planned and Legacy Giving helps you to continue to support your family, causes and charities you are passionate about even after you are gone. It will also help avoid the burden of probate for your loved ones, which can be a costly and complicated process.

GAiN has partnered with Link Charity to better assist our donors with the ability to answer the question, “How can I help GAiN in the future?

Link Charity Canada

Since 1998, Link Charity has provided the service, tools, education, and guidance that individuals and charities need when it comes to gift giving. Their wide variety of Gifting Options is current, relevant, and designed to help both the individual and the charity.

There is not “one-size fits all” when it comes to Planned & Legacy Giving. Link Charity and your estate planning professional can assist you to design a plan that will suit your desires relating to Planning & Legacy Giving.

For more information about GAiN’s Planned Giving Program contact us at 1-877-462-4646 or by email at plg@globalaid.net