Local officials shared that "In Benin, 1 in 10 people have clean water because of your water project."

Since 2004, we have been providing water wells for thousands of individuals in extremely rural villages; the home to some of the poorest people in the country. In fact, some of the areas in the north are so remote that there are no roads to get there; just six-feet grass to drive through and a local villager to guide us.

The good thing is that regardless of how remote the village is, in most parts of Benin, the disease-free water is in abundance. Tapping into water only 50 to 60 meters below the surface brings an end to the cycle of disease and death that has plagued these people all of their lives.

Once clean water is provided, the people are able to regain their health, and have the ability to be more productive in their agricultural projects. The surplus crop can then be sold to the local markets, providing much-needed income to the village and eventually leading the people toward to financial independence.

The wells remove a heavy burden for most women too! Not only are women free from carrying water over long distances, but they get to spend more time at homes with their families.

In the village of Haweme, villagers rejoice for that same burden that had been lifted.

Located out in the middle of the jungle, there were no villages close by. Some would say it was a forgotten place. When we dropped into the village unannounced to do the thank you video for the donor of the well, there were about 75 people gathered under a shelter they constructed next to the well. These people were singing, dancing and celebrating.

When Patrice, our Country Manager for Benin, asked what they were doing, they enthusiastically told us they were celebrating the gift of the well. In fact, ever five days, the village would get together to celebrate the gift of the well!  And, they said, “we will keep it up!”.

They shared how they suffered so greatly from the lack of water and they never expected to have a gift of a well in their village, because they are out of the way and a forgotten village. "But one day GAiN came and drilled a well and they have been rejoicing and celebrating ever since."

For an investment of only $8,500, we can literally transform more villages like Haweme.

Will you help us bring hope to those who need it the most?