Country Stats

  • Known For:

    Historic buildings, archaeology

  • Main Export:

    Jewelry, base metals

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Project Details

The Needs

Needs we are addressing:
Humanitarian assistance in response to the Beirut explosion that displaced 300,000+

Where we are working

Regions we work in:
Achrafieh/Greater Beirut Area

What We Are Up To


After an explosion devastated Beirut on Tuesday August 4, 2020, hundreds of people have been killed, over thousands injured and hundreds of thousands of people are displaced.

The people of Beirut are in desperate need of help. Clinics are currently overwhelmed and several hospitals in the city have been partially destroyed. The most vulnerable populations, particularly the refugee communities in Beirut, are of grave concern, especially after experiencing tremendous loss and devastation from years of hardship.

We need your urgent help and partnership to support families in desperate need. The people of Beirut now face homelessness, unemployment, food insecurity, possible increased exposure to COVID-19, a lack of available medical treatment, as well as heightened stress and additional trauma. 

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