Give the Gift of Life

In this year’s "Gifts That Change Lives" Catalogue,
there are many meaningful ways to give.

Help relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope around the world.

Will you stand with us and help more people discover God’s love while alleviating the challenges and struggles they face in their daily lives?

Provide clean water

Fresh water has the power to bring new life to entire communities. We provide deep-capped water wells that access clean water—saving lives from water-borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery. By providing wells, together we can help break the cycle of disease and death that devastates much of the developing world. Through our partnership with the JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS), people not only receive clean water, but also have the opportunity to receive the Living Water. 

  • 10 people – $85
  • 20 people – $170
  • 50 people – $425
  • 100 people – $850
  • 1,000 people (a complete well) – $8,500
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Hand Washing Stations

Provide jerry cans, soap and materials to build 5 hand washing stations in a village.


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Well Repair Training

We provide training to Regional Repair Representatives and local water committees to ensure each well is maintained in good, working condition. This helps the community stay accountable and encourages them to maintain the well, ensuring long-term sustainability.


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Medical Clinic Training & Health Kit

Conduct a training session for one health clinic worker to reduce the mortality rate of women and children.


Supply a health kit with medicine, vitamins, and basic equipment such as thermometers, blood pressure gauges, and stethoscopes.


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Emergency Relief Fund

When earthquakes, floods and other emergencies strike, you can help GAiN deploy immediate supplies such as clean water, shelter, food and medical equipment. Your donation to this fund ensures that aid is supplied as quickly as possible when needed.


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Bags of Blessings

We began responding to the Syrian refugee crisis in March 2013 and we are currently supporting 1,000 families with aid packages each month.

Demonstrate God’s love in a practical way with the gift of an emergency survival kit, which provides a family of five with food and water for one month as well as blankets and a stove for the winter months.


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Provide a Micro-Finance Loan

Help impoverished women become financially independent and free from debt. Through our partner organization, Diaconia, women in Paraguay develop marketable skills and learn business and financial principles in a supportive community connected with a local church. Provide a micro-loan and financial training for one woman for one year.  


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Food Aid

Considered "beacons of hope" for thousands of children in impoverished communities in Paraguay, Community Centres are a hub of local activity and a safe haven for underprivileged kids and orphans. These centres are run by our local partner, Jesús Résponde, and provide weekly meals to 22,000 children at 390 centres. Help ship nutritional soup mix to ensure children receive a healthy meal three times a week.


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Support a Woman for One Month

Provide nutritious food, shelter, education, clothing, medical care, spiritual care, and trauma counselling for a woman for one month at Mukti Mission.


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Education Fund

Provide a child in primary or secondary school at the Upendo Center with school supplies, uniforms, exam fees and after-school tutoring for three months.



Provide a young adult in vocational training or a college program with tuition costs, school supplies, and travel expenses for one month.


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Promote Sustainable Farming

The Upendo Center's large garden and poultry farm provides nutritious food for all children in the center's care. Help to operate the poultry farm for one month by providing feed, vaccines, and fertilizer.


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Church Planting Strategy

The JESUS Film Church Planting Strategy (JFCPS) shows the JESUS Film to interested villagers, inviting them to discover Jesus in their own language. New believers then go through an eight-week program with trained local church members. After they are discipled, a new church is planted. In one year, this new church is encouraged to reproduce itself. As of June 2017, 1,297 churches have been planted.

Provide Bibles for 15 new believers



A JESUS Film showing is more than a single event. As new believers come forward, home groups are formed, people are discipled, and leaders are trained. These groups form a new church plant and are encouraged to reproduce themselves. Help show the JESUS film in the local language and plant a church in a remote location.


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