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We exist to demonstrate the love of God, in word and deed, to hurting and needy people around the world through relief and development projects. Learn More »

LIFE Teams

LIFE Teams

Imagine going to a country where a disaster has struck and aid is critical. Picture visiting a shelter where destitute women and impoverished children are in need. Visualize a community in desperate need of clean water. With an endless list of opportunities, you could be used to tangibly touch those who are suffering. 

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Start a Campaign

Start a Campaign

Is there a specific cause you are passionate about? Something we do that you believe in and want to share it with others?

We have 4 ways you can get your friends, family or even co-workers involved so that hope and justice can be brought to those in need.

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A glimpse into our history and an overview of our 5 core initiatives.

Olga and Celestina work their way out of poverty. Click here for their story - globalaid.net/blog/re-shapin…. pic.twitter.com/0a78mTKjfe

Drum roll please....the winner for $2,000 off a LIFE Team project is Jaime Ma! Thank you to those who entered it. pic.twitter.com/5EBZVwe4Nj

Here's a glimpse into the 125th celebration that was held at Mukti. youtu.be/ogv3u_M7iv4 To learn more, go to globalaid.net/initiatives/wo….

Ready to take her own life, Mukti Mission met and changed her life forever. Watch this video - youtu.be/xpjs6R9RnS8!

Today is the last day for the LIFE Teams draw. Only a few hours left! Enter here - globalaid.net/draw. pic.twitter.com/aSuilDsKaI

Carmen & her mom work their way out of extreme poverty. Click here to read their story - globalaid.net/blog/a-visiona…. pic.twitter.com/QzmJUnPeJZ

A baby was left to die until Mukti Mission heard about the child. To hear the story, watch this video - youtu.be/KuvALcaoOh0!

Are you close to Ashcroft, BC? Come hear about Mukti Mission & the work they've been doing over the last 125 years. pic.twitter.com/QyZ8zah74e

Having a great time at #MissionsFest in Toronto area. Come out and say hi! pic.twitter.com/5SgUrbPW6l

If you are in the Toronto area, come out to Missionsfest and say hi to us! We are booth GF12. fb.me/6vPBj8Exx