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Through Their Eyes Water for Life Event

When we turn our taps on to fill our cups with water, we barely take a second glance. For a villager in Togo, the ability to get that clean water means more than that.

Clean water means health, restored peace, unity in their families, flourishing relationships, economic opportunities, spiritual transformation and so much more.

This September, we invite you to be moved by the real-life examples of how clean water helps to reveal hope and restore life. Get a glimpse into the transformational impact that clean water has on a village and its people.

Experience it through their eyes.

Maxwell Wogomebu, Country Manager for Global Aid Network Togo will be sharing incredible stories of holistic impact in Togo. With a desire to share God's love, Maxwell is excited to mobilize pastors and encourage churches to live out their purpose. With a conviction that the 'future of Africa belongs to Africans', Maxwell is committed to training local leaders in his country's holistic development.

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Toronto: Monday, September 17
Edmonton: Wednesday, September 19
Calgary: Thursday, September 20
Kelowna: Monday, September 24
Langley: Thursday, September 27