Restoring Life in Paraguay

Twenty-six percent of Paraguay lives in poverty. Many are trapped under the weight of debt and living day-to-day, in fear of loan sharks who charge impossibly high interest rates and threaten their physical safety. Thousands of families reside in squatter zones, struggling to find their next meal and scrounging around for scrap just to survive.

To break the cycle of poverty, holistic development is essential. Thanks to those of you who answered our invitation to attend an evening filled with stories of hope from Paraguay.

Judah Mooney, president of Diaconia, Global Aid Network’s partner in Paraguay, shared about the training programs and micro-loans that are helping to restore lives. Judah works with Jesus Responde, another Global Aid Network partner, for which he created a self-sustaining model of nutrition centres across Paraguay and designed a vocational training program.

When you partner with Global Aid Network and Diaconia, you become directly involved in a real, long-term strategy to impact the lives of several impoverished women. 

The greatest advantage of the program is that one donation can impact multiple women over time! When a woman pays off a loan, it goes on to be loaned to the next woman for the next loan cycle (a 12 week cycle). 

"Over the course of one year, four different lives could be impacted through one donation," Monique Lieuwen, GAiN Project Manager for Relief & Development, explains.

Read more about our micro-enterprise program in Paraguay to see how your donation can impact multiple people over time. 

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