Celebrate women who are empowering the next generation

Through this story, we celebrate Madiha*, an empowered woman who is empowering the next generation to have courage.

Bravery or Courage [kur-ij, kuhr-]
The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

When armed men showed up at her door, Madiha* was hysterical with fear. Although it was 2013 and the Syrian Civil War had already been going on for more than two years, she was not expecting the war to hit so close to home. Expecting it to be a regular day, she was getting her children ready for school. But it wasn’t a regular day.

With scarves over their heads, only revealing their eyes, the armed men demanded that Madiha, her husband and her children head down to the basement of their apartment building where they were held captive for two days. Fearing for their lives, they could do nothing but pray.

On the third day, Madiha and her family were abruptly kicked out of the apartment, giving them three minutes to leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Left with nowhere to go, clad in only thin pajamas in the freezing December air, the family walked around aimlessly without direction.

They eventually ended up staying at a house packed with 30 other displaced people for two and a half weeks. Still not safe from the armed groups, the men would come by and do nightly visits, causing extreme stress and terror for Madiha and her family. Madiha feared that they might recruit her teenage son.

The family were witnesses to extreme violence at the hands of the armed men, and eventually had to literally run away. Because Madiha’s parents live in Damascus, she ended up moving there and staying with her parents.

She met up with a friend from her old neighbourhood who also moved to Damascus for safety. Her friend told her about GAiN’s local partner on the ground. It was there that she met with a loving community who were able to provide her with food and clothes.

“[They] showed us a lot of practical help and compassion [and] helped financially as well.”

Madiha now volunteers with GAiN’s local partner to give out Bags of Blessing (survival kits) that include food, blankets and other essential items to families who have been displaced and left with nothing. She invites them into her community of care, giving them hope, and through her testimony of survival, empowering them to have courage.

The cycle of empowerment continues.

For just $119, you can provide a family of five with a survival kit (food and other essentials) that will last them one month.

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*name changed for security reasons