Celebrate women who are empowering the next generation

Through this story, we celebrate Grace who has been empowered to inspire the next generation to aspire.

Aspire [uh-spahyuh r]
To long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value

Grace was one of six children who were the first to receive loving care under GAiN Upendo Centre, after both of her parents died. With a place to call home, nutritious meals and support in continuing her education, Grace finished primary school and started secondary school at age 16. Despite the tragic experience of losing both her parents at a young age, Upendo staff were very encouraged by Grace’s efforts and drive to do well in her studies.

By 2009, Grace graduated from secondary school and knew she wanted to pursue a career in water management. She learned that GAiN’s Water for Life Initiative brought a water well to her village and saw how the provision of clean water was helping to restore lives in the community. Grace was inspired to make a difference in this area and knew that she wanted to be a part of something that would bring big change to the people in her country.

After completing a program in Water Supply and Sanitation, Hydrogeology and Well Drilling, she managed to achieve her goal of getting a job with GAiN’s Water for Life Initiative in Tanzania, doing work in Gender Training and Hygiene and Sanitation Training. Now she works as a civil servant in the Ministry of Water for the Government of Tanzania.

Last year, Grace got married and the orphanage had an official send-off party for her.


“While attending this [wedding] ceremony, I remembered how Grace was at the time I was working at Upendo as administrator,” a former Upendo staff member reflected, “and how she studied, graduated and got the first employment, which gave her confidence to get government selection. And now she is married!”

With the loving support of Upendo, Grace has been empowered to aspire. Now that she has achieved her career goals, she is inspiring children who are still at Upendo, and others in the community, to aspire.

The cycle of empowerment continues.

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