Celebrate empowered women…

who are empowering the next generation


This Mother’s Day, we are celebrating empowered women from around the world who are equipping their communities, and the generations to come, to create a better world and live out stories of hope, faith and abundant life. For many, creating beauty from ashes.

Join our celebration of women who have impacted us! Our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, teachers, mentors. As women of beauty and influence, their qualities have brought us life-giving inspiration and we want to celebrate them.

Empowered women have inspired us to:



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This Mother's Day, increase the impact of this special woman in your life by giving a donation in honour of, or in loving memory of her. 

Your donation will go toward women in Syria, Paraguay, India, Tanzania, Benin or Togo, who are making a long-lasting impact in their communities.

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