Vision Trips

Focusing more on the “Influence” and “Finance” elements, Vision Trips are unique opportunities for participants to catch a glimpse of the work that is currently taking place on the field and then consider how you can come alongside us in this partnership.

These trips may be smaller in size and will be shorter in duration and therefore, ideally for those who have limited time to be away.

Both types of trips (Vision and Impact Trips) will have similar opportunities to interact with our local partners and those directly impacted by GAiN’s work in the country. 

Costs for each trip will vary with location, time, etc., but will remain tax-deductible.


Upcoming Vision Trips

Benin (February 1 - 8, 2020) - Private Group

Benin (End of March/Beginning of April 2020)

Lebanon (April 2020)

Benin (August 2020)