Paraguay Vision Trip (June 2020)

Did you know that 35% of the population in Paraguay live in poverty and 19.4% suffer from extreme poverty (living on less than $1 USD per day)?

A complex history of foreign colonization, civil war, authoritarian rule and government corruption has left the country in a very challenging social and economic situation.  Many children come from single parent homes with women taking on the burden of being the sole caretaker and provider.

Even as the country has experienced economic growth in recent years, there remains a large social economic gap between the rich and the poor and very little assistance from the government for the latter.

Since 2006, GAiN has been working with local partners in Paraguay to help bring relief and hope.  The focus of our work has been with women through a micro-loans program and children through a weekly nutrition and sports program.

On this vision trip, you will have the unique opportunity to…

  • Visit the micro-loans trust groups and hear impactful stories
  • Share your insights to small business owners
  • Lead a vocational training session if you have some special skills to share
  • Visit a weekly children nutrition centre - be prepared to join in the fun and games!
  • Experience the warm Paraguayan hospitality and all this beautiful country has to offer

Dates:  June 2020 for approx. 7 days

Are you interested in joining us?

Contact us for more information.