Lebanon Vision Trip (April 2020)

As the conflict in Syria continues, many are calling this “the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.” The statistics are staggering as millions of internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugees struggle to survive and rebuild their lives. Entering the 8th year of the conflict in this region, an entire generation of young people have grown up only knowing brokenness, fear and hopelessness.

GAiN has been actively working in this region of the world to assist in meeting the tremendous needs of this humanitarian crisis. While Syria remains a limited access country, millions of its refugees have poured over the borders into Lebanon. On this vision trip to Lebanon, you’ll have a rare opportunity to meet our Syrian partners who have been in the “front lines” of the conflict, hear their stories and become more informed of what life is really like for many seeking safety and refuge.

You will also have a chance to visit the refugee camp in the Bekka Valley and families in the community who have settled in Lebanon.

If opportunity allows, the group may participate in distributing needed packages of food.

Come see, learn and be challenged.

Dates:  April 2020 for approx. 7 days

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