Lebanon Impact Trip (March 2020)

As the crisis in Syria continues and the refugee crisis spreads in the surrounding nations of Europe and the Middle East, those of us in North America are left with wondering what to do and how to respond.

The statistics are staggering as millions of internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugees struggle to survive and rebuild their lives.

Over 50% of all Syrian school children have not attended school for the past six years. Crucial and formative years are lost as this generation of children are growing up knowing nothing but war and uncertainty.

We plan to send a LIFE team to provide support and aid in the ongoing response of our partners in the Middle East. Working with dedicated people on the ground who know and understand the culture, the LIFE team will gain a first-hand knowledge of the Syrian crisis and the needs of refugees and be able to demonstrate the love of God to them, in word and deed, in desperately needed ways.

The team will be working with a local partner in Beirut who is actively ministering to the needs of refugee families in their community in the following ways:

Many children from refugee families who have fled to Lebanon has no access to public education. As the conflict continues, some have been out of school for years. Our local partners are working to provide some level of structure education to these children who are falling through the cracks as a consequence of war. The team will assist in the school and help tutor refugee children in the afternoons and evening.
Visit families in the community and distribute needed packages of food.
The team will be involved in activities focused on building relationships and serving the refugee families in the surrounding community and those that come to our partner's campus for support.


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Project Details
March 24 - April 10, 2020
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Cost: $3,900 CAD - This includes airfare, accommodations, transport in-country, translators in-country, meals, project materials and travel insurance (except vaccinations). Please note, this cost is tax-deductible.
Application deadline: January 24, 2020


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