India Impact Trip (October 2019)

India is a land of extreme opposites. As the economy develops and the country becomes more and more similar to North America, hundreds of millions are left behind in slums of poverty and living on less than $1 per day.

In these situations, women and children become the most vulnerable. Combined with the overwhelming poverty in India, are cultural beliefs that women are less valuable are often abused or cast out of their homes. 53% of Indian kids face sexual abuse while of the 13% of all children engaged in labor in south Asia, India hosts more than half.  Mukti Mission is all too familiar with this reality!

Founded in 1889 in India, Mukti’s aim has been to change the lives of young girls and destitute women through a range of initiatives that demonstrate the love of God, in a practical way.

By providing secure homes, these women and children have found stability, care, health, and acceptance regardless of their backgrounds. For some, these shelters were the first homes they ever had.

Mukti also supports the communities with other essential services:

  • hospital and mobile medical clinic
  • dairy and agricultural project
  • community development and scholarship programs
  • schools and vocational training courses

These programs and services provide a safe place for women and children to grow and live confident, independent lives. The result is that a new generation of leaders are being trained and that women are returning to their communities to be transformed and empowered to break the cycle of poverty and desperation.

Each year during the Diwali festival, children are off from school and the government has mandated that Mukti children with any living family members return to their families for the national holiday.  A small group of girls with no living family members or homes that are too dangerous to return to are left behind during this holiday. Their status as orphans and unwanted being ever more evident and heart breaking during this time.

Our LIFE team will be traveling to Mukti during the Diwali festival to host a special camp for these girls during this time. Our desire is to bring joy and celebration to a holiday season that can be lonely for those who are left behind.

In addition to the camp activities, the LIFE team will be coming alongside the Mutki staff to serve in different ministry assignments for part of the time. This will allow the team to see and learn the ministry of Mutki Mission up close and personal.


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Trip details

Dates: October 19-November 2, 2019
Location: India
Cost: $3,500 - This includes airfare, accommodations, transport in-country, translators in-country, meals, project materials and travel insurance (except vaccinations). This cost is tax dedicutible.
Application deadline: August 10


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