Haiti Spring Break (Feb 2017)

Situated on the coast of Leogane, Haiti exists Ca-Ira Children’s Village, an orphanage known for pouring out love and care for orphans and children from impoverished families. For years, this orphanage has saved countless children from starvation and sexual abuse.

Yet, on the 12th of January, 2010 Ca-Ira experienced a major setback to their mission. The two-story building that housed the living quarters for the children was completely destroyed by the destructive earthquake, killing five orphans and two of the orphanage staff members. The school center and the church that sheltered 220 pupils and 20 teachers also collapsed.

To help Ca-Ira return to the hope they once brought the children, we have partnered with the Ca-Ira Children’s Village over the past five years to re-establish a place where children have a safe place where they can afford to be just children.

Not only this, children are prepared for an independant and self sustained future through receiving an education and the opportunity for vocational training.

Even as construction continues, doors have opened in the surrounding community to minister to the lives of the many families living in abject poverty. 

The small community of Ca-Ira surrounding the children’s village contains many families in need who are unable to properly care for themselves.

The root causes of poverty in a country such as Haiti are complex, but GAiN is committed to serving at the Ca-Ira Children’s Village and in the surrounding community as the need continues to be great, even almost six years after the devastating earthquake.

Through working both on-site at the children’s village as well as participating food distributions, community health education sessions and children’s camps open to community children, GAiN LIFE Team Members have a chance to practically demonstrate the love of God, in word and deed, to hurting and needy people in Ca-Ira.

Would you join us in continuing to serve the children and community of Ca-Ira who continue to struggle to rise out of poverty?


Join us!



Date: February 17 - 25, 2017
Location: Ca-Ira, Haiti
Team: help with ongoing construction and community outreach programs
Cost: $2,650 (includes airfare, accommodations, transport in-country, translators in-country, meals, project materials and travel insurance (vaccinations are not included))
Application deadline: December 3, 2017
Purpose: This construction and community development projects will work on the Ca-Ira site and serve in the surrounding community.


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