Haiti Medical – July 5-14, 2013

On the 12th of January 2010, a devastating earthquake ripped through Haiti killing over 220,000 people. Just ten months after the earthquake, Hurricane Tomas hit and swept away the few belongings people had pulled from the rubble. One month later, an allegedly fraudulent election heightened tension leading to riots. In December, it was reported that over 3,000 died from cholera. And today over a million people continue to be housed in temporary shelters comprised of sticks and sheets in large camps with insufficient water and sanitation.

Countless lives have been deeply wounded and affected. While Haitians are defined as resilient, this doesn’t negate their daily struggles and physical pain.

Yet, the public health system has made it extremely difficult for individuals to attend to their medical needs. People are either sent home after waiting
in long lines or, in the off-chance a person gets in to see a doctor, they usually can’t afford the medicine that is often prescribed. Haitians are left with no choice but to accept their current situation and suffer with their pain.

To add to the feeling of hopelessness, many NGOs are beginning to pull out of Haiti because they have completed their one-year commitment and/or because there is no funding left for their activity, resulting in limited options for medical treatment throughout the country.

We have been working in Haiti since 2004 and is committed to the long-term rebuilding of Haiti.

But, there are more hurting and needy people that need to see the love of God demonstrated to them! We need people that have medical skills to join us...


Date: July 5-14, 2013
Location: Carrefour, Haiti
Team: open to medical personnel only
Cost: $2,650 (includes airfare, accommodations, transport in-country, translators in-country, meals, project materials and travel insurance (vaccinations are not included))
Application deadline: TBD
Purpose: Medical clinic and community health education - this project will hold medical clinics operating out of our church partner in Carrefour. Medical clinics will be combined with community health sessions focusing on topics such as maternal health & breastfeeding along with hygiene and sanitation.


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