Benin Impact Trip (June 2019)

In Benin, UNICEF estimates there are about 1,500 preventable maternal deaths per year due to complications during pregnancy, childbirth and the 6-week period following childbirth.

Pregnant women who lack safe water are at higher risk for infections which can lead to low birth weight, anemia, poor child growth and maternal or newborn death.

In 2016, we started a Maternal Newborn Child Health (MNCH) project in Benin and Togo to address basic clean drinking water supply and health education to communities from villager to rural clinic level. Each village that is involved in this project, villagers gain access to a water well, multiple community level trainings and handwashing stations.

Also from a nearby maternity clinic, workers are invited to participate in training to enhance their practice through theoretical and practical teaching on topics such as exclusive breastfeeding, delivery techniques, infection, post-partum hemorrhage and neonatal resuscitation.

To further strengthen the knowledge of staff in rural clinics in Benin, we are inviting health care professionals to be involved in a MNCH LIFE Team.

Prior to the trip (approx. three months) participants will use their expertise to plan and develop teaching material to discuss best practice principles surrounding prenatal, intranatal and post-partum care. This will be completed online with the group working collaboratively. Being able to pass on knowledge that is contextually adapted is essential for empowering clinic workers to work at a higher capacity. The team will be guided to make their practice and experience in Canada relevant for the local context.

Throughout the trip, the team will visit clinics, discuss the clinic’s identified needs and facilitate teaching sessions for clinic worker staff to help reinforce their knowledge and skills.

Whether it’s encouraging the worker as they are helping a woman deliver a baby or helping problem solve with them about breastfeeding issues a women is having, participants can be actively involved in empowering them.

By participating in this trip, interacting with locals and being immersed in the environment, participants would also experience the culture of Benin will gain understanding of the historical significance of the country.

We are looking for individuals who have experience in maternal and newborn health, such as:

  • Midwives
  • Lactation Consultants
  • Registered or Licensed Practical Nurses (obstetrics specialty preferred)
  • Physicians (obstetrics speciality preferred)
  • Birth Educators
  • Doulas


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Date: June 9-22, 2019
Location: Benin, Africa
Cost: $4,600 This includes airfare, accommodations, transport in-country, translators in-country, meals, project materials and travel insurance (except vaccinations). This cost is also tax-deductible.
Application deadline: May 3, 2019


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