Thank you for investing in the lives of those who were in desperate need of clean water.

We travelled to:

  • Gbotohoulin, Benin
  • Ballohoue, Benin
  • Hevie Hessa, Benin
  • Houmgnihedo (Djigbe), Benin
  • Koudjinnada, Benin

and shot videos of your deep-capped water wells.

We hope you’re encouraged by the impact your well has had on this village. Because of you…the villagers will never be the same!

Village Name

Note: If you would like to download these videos onto your computer, follow these steps:

  1. type in your password on your video
  2. click “watch video”
  3. click the yellow title on the top left of the video this will lead to your video on the Vimeo website
  4. click the “Download” button (beside the “Share” button), midway down the page (then you will have a choice for file size to download)

Village Name #2

Would you give access to safe water to
another village?

We never want to take the journey for granted. We are so grateful every time a shipment arrives intact because we know that impoverished children all over Paraguay have the opportunity to be fed nutritious meals every week!


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