Who is Pandita Ramabai

Pandita Ramabai, the founder of Mukti Mission was a pioneer in several ways.

Recognized as one of India's most influential woman reformers, she was the first to promote the welfare and education of Indian widows. She had a charismatic personality and was passionately interested in the freedom and welfare of her countrywomen. 

Inspired by God, whom she found in Jesus Christ after first trying all the religions at her disposal, she founded the Mukti Mission on March 11, 1889. 

She started the Sharada Sadan in Bombay, with the help of two other widows.

In 1898, she established the Mission at Kedgaon on a 100 acre plot.

By mid 1900, there were 2,500 residents housed in the

  • Mukti Sadan,
  • Sharada Sadan,
  • Krupa Sadan (home of grace for the disgraced women),
  • Priti Sadan (home of love for the aged and infirm),
  • Sadanand Sadan (home for boys) and
  • Bartimi Sadan (home for the blind).