A Brief History of Mukti Mission

March 11, 1889 -  Sharada Sadan, "Home of Learning", opened in Bombay with two pupils.  The school was for high caste Hindu widows, with the principle of observing complete religious freedom. 

November 1890 - The school moved to Pune. 

1891 - 26 child widows and 13 non-widows in the school. 

1895 - Ramabai purchased a farm on deserted land near Pune. 

1896-97 - 300 girls rescued from Madhya Pradesh famine and taken to a farm as plague had broken out in Pune.  Temporary sheds were put up hastily to accommodate them, and the place was called "Mukti Sadan", Home of Salvation. 

September 14, 1898 - Opening of first permanent stone building. 

March 20, 1899 - Laying of Rescue Home foundation stone. 

September 20, 1899 - Laying of church foundation stone.

1900-01 - Hundreds of girls and women rescued from Gujerat famine.  Almost 2,000 residents now. 

1902 - Separate home established for boys nearby the women's home. 

1903 - Printing press established, fully operated by women. 

1904 - Ramabai started translation of Bible into Marathi. 

1912 - Property purchased in Supa-Baramati. 

1913 - First edition of the New Testament in Marathi published. 

1919 - Government recognition granted up to matriculation level to Mukti School. Ramabai awarded Kaiser-Hind medal for community service. 

April 5, 1922 - Ramabai's death. 

July 1922 - Trustees changed the Mission name to Ramabai Mukti Mission. 

1924 - Ramabai's translation of the complete Bible printed at the Mukti Printing Press. 

1949 - Krishnabai Memorial Hospital opened. 

1956 - The Flower Family cottage system was started with mixed age groups of girls.  Until now girls and women had been grouped according to age and lived in separate compounds. 

1966 - First Conference for representatives of Mukti's six overseas Councils held. 

1966 - Manoramabai Memorial Girls High School opened (in memory of Ramabai's daughters). 

July 1970 - Name changed to Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission. 

1989 - A postal stamp was released by the Government of India commemorating 100 years since the commencement of Ramabai's work. 

1999 - Pandita Ramabai listed as one of the top 20 humanitarians of the 20th century by The Australian newspaper. 

2000 - Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission received the Mahatma Gandhi Award for Social Justice.

June 2005 - Mukti commences Junior College level classes, Std 11 and 12


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