Did you know

  • there are between 143 and 210 million orphans worldwide
  • approximately 5,760 children become orphans every day

Most often, these children lose stability as they are shunted from one relative to another. In the worst cases, they end up living on the streets as outcasts, struggling to get enough to eat.

When a child remains in need, both their present life and their future is subjected to heartache. The emotional trauma caused by suffering can gouge a deep scar in children, stunting their ability to give and receive love, as well as believe that they are precious creations with significant roles to play in their nations’ futures.

This devastating reality resonated with our mission of “demonstrating the love of God, in word and deed, to hurting and needy people around the world”.

As a result, this connection drove us to directly support three specific grass-root level organizations:

We come alongside existing orphanages or group homes for children, helping to support them and the dedicated workers who raise them up.

Children supported through this initiative now have a hope for the future and could potentially be the leaders of tomorrow thus impacting their communities and even their nation. We invest in the following key areas of their lives today, hoping that it will bring a rich harvest tomorrow.

  • Basic Necessities of Life - meeting the fundamental needs of children (eg. accommodation, food, clothing, and medical care) to alleviate their suffering, and where possible, helping families to live in healthier community
  • Education - since a big part of a child’s future depends on education, a heavy focus is placed on school attendance and completion of homework and in some cases, tutors have been hired
  • Counseling - Dr. George Rhoades Jr. and his staff and/or volunteers train in-country partners in trauma counseling techniques specifically designed to help children express their feelings and heal from horrible emotional wounds of war violence or domestic abuse
  • Spiritual Care - biblical truths and principles are taught to the children while meeting their physical and psychosocial needs
  • Special Needs - in various countries, a child who is born with a mental or physical disability has been seen as a burden to their family, resulting in them becoming an orphan. Treatment and/or appropriate medication is provided to ensure the child’s health.

You can help build a future for these children.

For an investment of $90 per month, you can help ensure the children receive shelter, food, clothing, school supplies, medical care, counselling, any treatment for special needs, and spiritual care. Or you can share the monthly sponsorship cost of a child for $30 per month.

Instead of giving to a community where the child lives, we come alongside the children and provide for their specific needs each month.

Will you join us and sponsor a child?


If you have any questions about sponsorship, click here.