World Water Day 2013 Challenge

Village: Mitole 
GPS coordinates:  08°47.735’S, 39°01.257’E
Country: Tanzania


Within this village, there are 300-400 people plus an additional 300 kids that attend the school.

The sad reality is...these children have no clean water. Instead, they have to walk a couple kilometers to fetch any sort of water, which is actually filthy and parasite-ridden.

We met one of the students named Sofia. She is in standard grade in school and the eldest of five children in her family.

Today, she is missing school because she is getting water to drink - for herself, for her classmates and for her family.

We would like to help Sofia stay in school and get an education. Our desire is to see these children have pure, clean water so that they no longer suffer with sickness and illnesses.

It costs $8,500 to provide one deep-capped water well to Sofia's village, which not only includes the clean water but additional community development such as hygiene and santiation training and well-maintenence.

For less than $8.50, you can provide Sofia with clean water for her lifetime.


Here's the challenge:





Would you like to help provide a water well for this village?