Thank you



Picture this for me...if your child was thirsty and someone came with a glass of water you would say, thank you. If your child had never had a glass of clean water and someone brought you clean, disease-free water how would you feel? What would you say?

First off, I want to say thank you on behalf of our Cycling 4 Water team. We made it across the country. We travelled 7,804 km in 54 days. We saw 32 water wells; either funds raised or funds pledged.

And, every day people like you came to us and helped us! I don't think we could have made it across the country without your encouragement, your support, your cheering us on.

So, just with a deep heart-felt appreciation. I just want to say thank you so much! I will never forget the moments where we intersected with your lives and had the opportunity to work together to do something profound. Something that will transform lives and communities.

Through your participation in the Cycling 4 Water project, you have helped bring water to thousands of children and families. I want to say thank you on behalf of 32,000 people in Benin, Togo, Tanzania and Ethiopia who live in the 32 villages that will have clean, disease-free water as a result of the deep-capped water wells that will be provided by Global Aid Network.

In the next weeks and months to come, you will hear more from Global Aid Network as they share about the lives and communities that have been transformed.

Thank you so much for being part of this!  

Truly the lives of children, families and communities will be transformed because your kindness.

Thank you!