Technology & English Education Center

(Completed Project - 2003)

The CKSTEEC began operating in July 2004. The mission of the CKSTEEC is to provide an excellent level of English language training for the scientists and technicians of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, preparing them to communicate effectively in the English language on a personal basis, in the fields of science and technological research and exchange, on the world stage.

At that time, the CKSTEEC had two classes; Information Technology English Education Class and Basic Science English Education Class, with 40 students for each class. Each semester consisted of 10 weeks, coinciding with that of the Canada-Korea Computer Graphics Design Institute from Monday to Friday. There was also two English Language Courses offered to Korea Computer Center staff in the afternoons Monday to Friday.

The school had 40 students go through its program. It was closed in 2005, however, we were in negotiations to restart a school with a different partner in 2009, which did not involve the IT component.