Syria Disaster Response

Just when we thought the crisis in Syria could not get any worse, it has.

When airstrikes killed more than 270 civilians, including 60 children in the East Ghouta suburb of Damascus, back in February, we got a message from our local Syrian partner:

"The situation is very bad. Bombs all over. People are dying… This is the home of one of our children from the centre."

Here are some other accounts from those within the chaos: 

“We no longer have words to describe children’s suffering and our outrage! Do those inflicting the suffering still have words to justify their barbaric acts?”

“This is a human tragedy that is unfolding in front of our eyes…it’s hell on earth.”
- General Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary

In the midst of the suffering and destruction, Global Aid Network’s local partners are working faithfully to respond to this crisis. We are appealing to you to join us in this effort!

  • We are distributing emergency food and survival items.
  • We are actively helping families escape the chaos and temporarily relocate to more stable areas.
  • We are working to help establish new homes for internally displaced people.


Donate now to help the people of Syria


Provide Survival Kits - $119 each
·     Locally called 'Bags of Blessing', each kit includes survival food items and essential toiletries, helping a family of five for one month.

Fund Temporary Housing for a Displaced Family - $150/month
·     One month of rent for an internally displaced family who, due to the ongoing bombings, will have to relocate.

Help Displaced Families Re-establish their Homes - $775
·     Basic home items, such as mattresses, heaters, and blankets for a family of five.


Will you help demonstrate God’s love to the people of Syria with a gift today?