Project Nehemiah

(Completed Project - 2003)

Nehemiah Community Development Project

As the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti suffered from a lack of safe drinking water, access to education, basic hygiene, and the skills to become self-dependant.

In 1997, the village of Chambrun was home to 3,703 people. At that time, due to influx of people seeking a source of income, the population had ballooned to over 12,000. This placed an even greater strain on existing natural resources and Haitian villages like Chambrun which was plagued by on-going needs.

With a national unemployment rate over 65%, an average age of 18 years, and an AIDS growth rate spiralling out of control, needs relating to youth development had been acute.

As a result, in partnership with CCC-Haiti, we were actively involved in relief and outreach efforts since the summer of 2004, when flooding devastated large regions of the country. On-going relief efforts continued through efforts like the Mapou Rehabilitation Project, the Fonds Verettes relief effort, and plans were under way for a community development project in the village of Chambrun; 30 km north-east of Port-au-Prince.