Philippines Typhoon Haiyan

When super typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines on November 8, it left in its wake death and destruction. Men, women and children were swept out to sea, drowned where they hoped to find shelter, or crushed by buildings.

With sustained winds of 295 kph, and reported gusts reaching up to 375 kph, Haiyan may well prove to be the most powerful storm to make landfall ever recorded.

As of today, approximately 900,000 people are displaced, 5,936 are confirmed dead while 27,022 are injured and 1,799 are still missing. The affected areas are still in chaos and the people are desperate for aid.

We must continue to respond to the people in need.

We were operational on the ground immediately, providing medical relief and distributing Emergency Response Packages to families in Tacloban and Ormoc. While overall, aid has been slow due to the overwhelming scale of the disaster and challenges in delivering supplies, we have staff on the ground who assembled 4,500 aid packages and distributed these to 22,500 people.


Each package contains food, water and emergency supplies for a family of five for one week, including items such as biscuits, bread, rice, sardines, water, blankets, towels, sleeping mats, and canvas to serve as a tent, as well as used clothing.

The first phase is critical in reaching those most affected by this disaster. Not only is there an immediate need for potable water, food and other emergency supplies, but as the disaster response continues, inflated food prices will exacerbate an already desperate situation. 

We urge you to respond immediately. You can make a direct impact by donating towards our Emergency Response Packages:

  • Help 1 family (5 people) for 1 week: $120
  • Help 2 families (10 people) for 1 week: $240
  • Help 3 families (15 people) for 1 week: $360
  • Help 4 families (20 people) for 1 week: $480
  • Help 5 families (25 people) for 1 week: $600

Would you like to give toward our Emergency Relief Fund?



If you want to see more information on the disaster itself, visit our media page.