Northern Iraq Relief

As you may have heard, Iraq is in the midst of total chaos.

We are rushing to help the Iraqi people after violent insurgence is threatening to tear their nation apart. Since early June, Islamic militants have launched attacks on several towns and cities, causing mass killings, conflict, and the possible threat of genocide.

To date, there are approximately 1.2 million people internally displaced people within Iraq at this point of time. The number is likely to increase.

More than 9 million Syrians now need assistance. This includes 6,5 million people displaced inside their own country and 2,8 million people who have fled Syria since January 2012, seeking refuge in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

The situation in Ankawa is very stable. Many Christians have fled from Mosul and Baghdad to Erbil and Ankawa in June and July 2014, because of the security issues. ISIS troops have taken over Mosul and attempting to take over Baghdad and threatens to kill all Christians, they have cut off the families in Mosul from water, electricity, gas. They control the streets and city borders in order to keep the local people trapped inside their homes. Those people who have been able to escape have now become IDP-s and are dependent on the local communities where they have found shelter.

Recently, the IDP families in Erbil and Ankawa received a news from their community members in Mosul, that in order to keep their homes, they need to pay rent to ISIS. At the moment they are not sure how much money and when exactly do they need to pay for ISIS, but they are very shocked about the news.

Many IDP family members have returned back to Mosul to guard their house in order to keep them. The IDP families informed us that ISIS group members have taken their families with them to Mosul and now they are looking for places to stay. If they see an empty house, they move in with their families.

Local IDP families also informed us that ISIS have blocked the internet connection in Mosul.

In response to this mounting national conflict, we are seeking to provide much-needed humanitarian relief for people in northern Iraq by supplying emergency packages for families. These packages, which include food, water, mattresses, blankets, diapers and other non-food items, would make the difference between life and death, hope and despair.

For $119, you can provide an Iraqi family of five with food and water for one week, as well as essential non-food items. We are collaborating with like-minded partners in Iraq to distribute these packages to families.

As Iraq is facing its most severe conflict in recent years, we urgently need your help to deliver these emergency packages.

Would you consider making a donation today to help the people of Iraq? With your partnership, we can come alongside those in need and demonstrate God's love to them.